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Esna Soa, certification body

Esna Soa, a market leader with over 2700 clients and a presence throughout Italy with nine operating offices, was created from the merger of Soa Nord Alpi S.p.A. and Euro Soa S.p.A., with the specific intention of playing a key role in the field of company qualification for public works. Firmly committed to enhancing the potential of companies, Esna Soa certifies the technical requirements and execution capacity of its clients. Esna Soa works alongside companies throughout the qualification process, providing all the necessary information and support to obtain SOA certification in accordance with the regulations. A solid reality, committed to guaranteeing the independence of its work and promoting respect for the rules, applied in a clear and transparent manner.

Corporate values


Esna Soa provides ongoing training to keep its team of employees updated on applicable regulations and ensure that the company is equipped with the highest level of professionalism. Developing the skills of our staff of over 50 employees is the cornerstone of our business.


Esna Soa organises events and supports initiatives aimed at companies and operators in the public works sector. It keeps its clients updated on the latest developments in law and regulation so that they can deal with market and regulatory changes in an informed manner.


Esna Soa invests in the most innovative information technology as a fundamental support tool for business processes. The company shapes procedures to efficiently handle customer requests by providing clear answers and optimising the certification timeline.

The corporate values that set Esna Soa apart

What is an SOA?

What is SOA certification?

SOA certification is mandatory for any company intending to carry out public works assigned by contracting authorities, either directly or by subcontracting, for amounts of €150,000 or more. Companies wishing to obtain the qualification certificate must sign a contract with the SOA, which will carry out the necessary investigation and checks to verify the requirements.  

Ongoing assistance

Trustworthiness, transparency and consistency. Esna Soa supports its clients during the entire certification process, providing information and regulatory updates throughout the certification validity period.

Qualification of clients

For Esna Soa, qualification means enhancing the execution capabilities of its clients for participation in public works contracts and supporting them in demonstrating the full potential of their requirements.

Professional service

Speed, completeness, punctuality. Esna Soa invests in the best digital technologies and the latest IT solutions to guarantee a reliable and quality service thanks to the expertise of its team.

Over 20 years of history, always looking to the future:
Esna Soa continues to grow, a reference point for those who want to give value to their work.

Meet the Esna Soa staff