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Triennial review of SOA requirements

Extension of SOA certification

Duration of qualification is five years, with a review of the general and structural capacity requirements to be carried out within the third year. The main contents of the triennial review, as set out in Article 77 of (Italian) Presidential Decree 207/2010, are outlined below. No earlier than ninety days before expiry of the three-year period, the SOA that issued the certification must carry out a review – within the successive 45 days – to ensure that the company has maintained the necessary requirements. The procedure may be suspended for clarification for a period not exceeding forty-five days. The general requirements necessary for the triennial review are the same as those laid down in the certification.
The necessary structural capacity requirements are:
  • Appropriate bank references and, for entities required to prepare financial statements, positive equity as per the last approved financial statements;
  • Appropriate technical management;
  • Appropriate technical equipment and appropriate average annual workforce.
The verification of adequacy between the turnover of works, technical equipment costs and employee costs, provided for by Article 79, paragraph 15 (which provides that the turnover, if the minimum parameters are not met, is figuratively and proportionally reduced so as to re-establish the minimum percentages required) is carried out with reference to the ratio between the average cost of the five tax years preceding expiry of the three-year term and the average annual amount of the turnover of works at the time of certification, with a tolerance of 25%.
The turnover is reduced in proportion to a deviation exceeding 25%, leading to a possible review of the certification. The categories in which the above review (with possible loss of categories and/or reduction of classifications) must be carried out are specified by the company.

SOA certification fee

The minimum fee payable to SOAs for certification activities is determined by a precise formula. You can calculate in real time what the calculation for your certification amounts to.