Calculate the SOA certification fee now

The minimum fee payable to SOAs for certification is determined by the following formula:

P = [C/12.500 + (2 x N + 8) x 413,16] x 1,0413 x R

C = Total amount in euros of the qualifications required in the various categories; N = Number of general or specialised categories for which qualification is requested; R = ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) coefficient of consumer prices for blue- and white-collar households to be applied annually from the year 2005 onwards, based on the average for the year 2001 (for 2024 the coefficient R = 1,516). The fee for companies qualified up to amount classification II is reduced by 20% pursuant to Article 70, paragraph 4 of (Italian) Presidential Decree 207/2010. To calculate the minimum fee, enter the number of categories requested for each amount classification in the table.
The above calculation is for reference only. For official offers, you can contact the Esna Soa Contracts Department without commitment. All amounts are subject to current VAT rates. * Minimum fees subject to rounding

Calculation table


Up to € 258.000


Up to € 516.000


Up to € 1.033.000


Up to € 1.500.000


Up to € 2.582.000


Up to € 3.500.000


Up to € 5.165.000


Up to € 10.329.000


Up to € 15.494.000


Over € 15.494.000
(conventionally € 20.658.000)

Calculation result

C Total amount requested
N Number of categories requested
P Minimum certification fee applied * 
PR Minimum triennial review fee applied *